Sunday, January 18, 2009

You know you're getting old when . . .

Susan and I decided to make Chili and Cornbread, sit by the fire and watch TV today. Great Sunday activity.

My chili recipe includes beer and frozen cut okra. We needed some ingredients and so off to the store we went.

At checkout, with the beer, the clerk was running them through and of course there was the extra beep when the beer went across the scanner. The running total sign asked "Customer over 40?". Usually at this point cashiers are supposed to ask for an ID. I'm at the point of being flattered to be thought of that young. I've been known to respond "Bless you, child" or sometimes "Bless you, GrandChild".

Not today. The cashier didn't even blink but punched 'yes'.



  1. Well, nothing's worse than going to buy your own beer for the first time at Wal-Mart, two days after you intentionally give yourself a hangover, and the cashier doesn't ID you. Not only did she not ID me, she didn't even think twice.


  2. Proud you finally hit the '21, huh?

  3. Hey at least you look forward to somone carding you. I really have come to hate it. I am so tired of people asking for ID and then taking an entire hour examining it and then having the gaul to ask me if it is real or fake.