Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuff - redux

My office desk had reached critical mass. You know, that state where the piles are so bad even you can't find stuff. So I decided to 'tidy' it. Susan came to help.

What I had envisioned as an hour or so chore turned into a major 4+ hour project. 8 'billable' hours later (two lawyers!) my desk and workspace are much different and better.

I don't have a before picture -- imagine a pile of paper several inches tall; here's 'after'.

The big question is how long will it last? . . .


  1. Next month you can post a "before" picture.

  2. I like the new look blog page.

    Your clutter may be because you have many other interests!

  3. OMG...there was a desk under that mess!!! HA HA!! Your desk looks really good, but my bet is that it will take less than one week before it looks like the volcano errupted again. However, this time line is not set in stone as it is subject to change depending on your schedule.