Monday, November 30, 2009

Deflating Pomposity - war story

Many years ago we had a state senator from Roanoke who was, shall we say, very enamored with himself.  He was also pompous.  The good news is he only served one term. The better news is that he provided several stories.

The Senator went through a "British" thing.  He wore a cape and a bowler hat and even had one of those silly tiny stick canes. This was complemented by his attempt at affecting a British Accent. Trust me, Henry Higgens would have seen through him in a second.  This story is about the beginning of the end of that phase.

Back in the day we also had air commuter service with Richmond - our state capital. One day my friend Harold was there with a client (I'll call him 'Irving') from the coalfields appearing before some agency.  After the hearing they were at the Richmond Airport waiting for their return flight when The Senator came by.  Harold, thinking he could get some brownie points with Irving, hails The Senator.

The Senator, seeing Harold (and Harold being a member of Roanoke City Council at the time) came over to chat.  "Harold, my good man, How awre you today?  You're looking jolly good you know."

Harold:  Just fine, Senator, I'd like you to meet Irving Puffuffnick; he's a client of mine and we've just finished a hearing at XYZ agency"

SEN: "Delighted to make your acquaintance, Irving. Tip Top Barrister you've got there"

IRVING:  "Good to meet you, Senator.  Are you from England?"

SEN:  "No, actually I hail from Roanoke.  Howeva, I did study at Ahxford (Oxford) for two years."

IRVING:  "Well, hell, I was in 'Nam for two years, but I didn't pick up THEIR accent"

The Senator terminated the conversation and moved away.  Shortly thereafter the cape, hat, and stick thing disappeared.

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