Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last Saturday I happened to stop by my office to pick up something.  As I was leaving, there was a car parked in my lot while the driver went to the store next door. Susan and I saw the passenger door open and the ash tray dumped into my lot.
Littering is one of my buttons you don't wanna push.

I pulled in and blocked the car, and in a remarkably calm (for me) manner asked the passenger if he'd kindly pick up the butts.  He ignored me, rolled up the window and locked the door.

I called 911 (police station is in next block).  As one responding officer said, as I remarked on three cars showing up, 'it's been a slow day and we were about to fall asleep'.

Yes, the butts got cleaned up.  No, I didn't press charges because of the inconvenience to the legal system if I did -- they'd have to bring in an out of town judge to hear the case and litterbugs just aren't worth that.

Litterbugs aren't worth much else in my opinion.


  1. Good for you! I hate to see people toss their butts out the window like the world is their personal ashtray and they have their own personal janitor following them around. This is even worse! Go, Ross!

  2. Well done Ross. This was brave of you too.
    Litter is something that we all should hate, but it takes guts to do the right thing in the thuggish climate of today.