Friday, May 8, 2015

The Fax Blast

I will freely admit that at times I am slow completing assignments and I try to consider that trait when working with others.  There are times, however, when all involved must move quickly to protect or promote rights of clients and delay hurts.  About once a year I get someone who has a reputation of not responding and -- true to form -- they don't do what they say they will anywhere near timely.
Enter the Fax Blast.  I learned about it the hard way (see first sentence above)
It consists of:
  • FAXBLAST cover sheet (simply a cover sheet with a line stating "REMINDER NUMBER and a series of numbers 1 thru 25 or so, spaced so they can be circled easily)
  • Confirmation sheets (note plural) printed by my fax machine.
  • Whatever memo/document the recipient should act upon.
First day, I send the fax, circling "1".   If I don't get a response, on the second day I send the fax again, this time circling "2" and INCLUDE the confirmation sheet from the first day. If no response then each day the memo is sent again, circling the appropriate number, and including ALL previous confirmation sheets.

After a few days I'm using more and more of the recipient's fax paper and ink/toner.

After a week it goes to twice a day.

After two weeks, HOURLY. I've only had to threaten this level once.

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it

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