Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Financial Freedom - no intelligence (Part 2)

The good news is I finally got the information I was asking for from FF.

The bad news is it included $3500.00 for "foreclosure expenses".  I immediately (within 30 minutes of receipt) faxed to the same person who sent the fax a series of questions about the supposed foreclosure. In my query I acknowledged receipt of the payoff fax.

This morning I get a fax from a Tia -- , claiming to be a "Loan Servicing Administrator" at Financial Freedom -- it's a form that totally ignores the history of my contact in this case and states she must have a "Signature authorization to release . . . ".  She got a worthwhile response:

First, you obviously did not read my inquiry or don't have the education to understand what I wrote. I ALREADY RECEIVED a payoff; my inquiry was to a component of that payoff.
Second, I am the guardian and conservator for (individual) I've sent the papers to Financial Freedom at least twice and am now receiving monthly statements. If you know how, I suggest you look. Thus, I've GOT the authority to ask.

I trust I've made myself abundantly clear this time and the information requested about the 'foreclosure fee' in the payoff will be forthcoming immediately.

If you still cannot assist, elevate this to someone with intelligence.
Guess I'm not on Tia's Christmas Card List!

Isn't it sad that with the centralization of our economy the people handling our financial records don't know how to think?

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