Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Financial Freedom - no intelligence

I'm handling a guardianship where my ward has real estate with a 'reverse mortgage' held by Financial Freedom.  As a rule I do not like reverse mortgages but recognize they can be a useful tool in certain limited circumstances.

Well over a month ago I called Financial Freedom, faxed the Court Order appointing me, and asked them to send me some information.  I haven't heard from them at all.  This is not unusual -- in my opinion  Financial Freedom is among the top ten worst real estate loan servicers out there. Whenever I mention their name to a colleague doing Real Estate, Elder Law, or Probate, I get a groan in return.

The other day I went to their website to see about calling in; they have a utility called "Search Financial Freedom".  I entered 'Intelligent Individual" -- the response was "Results: 0"

Yep.  'nuff said.

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