Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Could you explain . . . ?

I heard this story from another Councilman who was there.
Around 40 years ago Roanoke City was in an annexation battle with Roanoke County. One day Roanoke City Council decided to appropriate something for pensions.  The City's (then) director of finance told Council "You shouldn't have done this; you have bankrupt the City".  A week later he testified in the annexation trial and as to the City's finances said "Roanoke City is in wonderful financial condition. Revenues are strong and expenditures are under control.  There are not any financial problems".
Next meeting a Councilman put on the agenda a "personnel matter" and council went into closed session.  In that session the Councilman reminded the Director of Finance of both statements, and asked "All I want to know is,  Which time were you lying".
Probably a good question for today's politicians. 

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