Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Political story

Among my past sins is activity in politics; I say past sins because I'm no longer enamored with politicians and -- while I consider a number of them in both parties friends -- I feel they're more interested in following the party line (regardless of consequences) than doing what is necessary even if unpopular.

But this isn't about my disdain for elected wonks.

Many years ago I was a local Democratic Party chair;  Sen. Charles "Chuck" S. Robb was running for re-election against Ollie North (who was the only person Republicans could have nominated that Chuck could beat).  The Annual Salem Fair was in town, and was crowded with the great unwashed of southwestern Virginia. (and as a side not, I first met Chuck when I went to the State Fair in Richmond when he first ran for statewide office 'back when.  Going to Fairs and such is de-riguer for politicians.)

I got called on to walk with Chuck among the crowd as he shook hands and encouraged their vote for him in November.  As we were walking and talking, I observed the people and wondered how many actually voted. After some more thought I asked, "Chuck, how many of these folks you've been shakin' hands with do you think have had their right to vote restored".

"You know, that's a damn good question".