Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big Bank Borg

Just got a list-serv email from a colleague who had a headache with Wells Fargo.  (It, along with Bank of America is among the worst financial institutions to deal with) And "Headache" and "Wells Fargo" are kinda redundant terms.

In my colleague's words:

A sister qualified to administer her brother’s estate.  Then she went to Wells Fargo, his bank, and was told that she would need a court order to access his funds.  She successfully opened an estate account at Wells and attempted to deposit several checks, including his final paycheck.  Wells refused to accept the deposit until she had obtained a court order. 

Inspired by the creativity coming out of Salem, I sought and followed Ross’ suggestion – sue a bank and it will come calling.  I filed a Warrant in Debt and listed the claim as “Failure to permit court-appointed Administrator access to decedent's property, including, but not limited to, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, credit cards, etc.  See attached Certificate of Qualification and death certificate.”  Lo and behold, I got a call from the legal department at Wells Fargo today.

That post inspired a few comments, one being that with the flies at that bank, honey doesn't work and you gotta use vinegar. I then observed that their Borg Assimilated Mentality chokes getting things done. Star Trek - Next Gen. fans will understand the reference, if you don't, click the link.

But this inspired an idea:   Maybe "Borg"  could be a good code word for 'too big for their britches and incapable of dealing intelligently with . . . (whatever)'  AS IN:  "had to deal with the Borg at WF"   Yeah, you gotta be a (old) trekkie to appreciate it.

.olleague then posted on a group list-serv that "Creative Salem