Thursday, July 9, 2015

More #WellsFargo nonsense

Another reason NOT to bank at ‪#‎WellsFargo‬.

Just had another client have bad experience with #WellsFargo - client is a successor under Virginia Law to a decedent. Decedent's estate is only $2000 in #WellsFargo account. Account absolutely qualifies for small estate treatment (which in Virginia is anything under $50,000.00, and the law holds the bank harmless). Client goes to bank and is told that "Wells Fargo policy does not accept the Small Estate Act and you will have to go to the courthouse and get a letter of qualification" 

So, the idiots at #WellsFargo want the client to spend hundreds of dollars and a lot of time and hassle for a measly $2000. I ask everyone to remember that when choosing a bank. It is crap such as this that have caused me to either remove or advise clients to remove (in aggregate) a couple of million dollars of deposits from that bank and go to one with more sense. And a lawyer friend in Richmond claims to have done the same with over $20 Million in deposits at #WellsFargo.

I first posted this on Facebook - in 30 minutes there are already 5 shares.  Tells you what people think about #WellsFargo.  Roanoke USED to have Bank of America (probably the only national bank harder to deal with than #WellsFargo) here , but somehow we ran them away and they sold out.