Thursday, July 9, 2015

More #WellsFargo nonsense

Another reason NOT to bank at ‪#‎WellsFargo‬.

Just had another client have bad experience with #WellsFargo - client is a successor under Virginia Law to a decedent. Decedent's estate is only $2000 in #WellsFargo account. Account absolutely qualifies for small estate treatment (which in Virginia is anything under $50,000.00, and the law holds the bank harmless). Client goes to bank and is told that "Wells Fargo policy does not accept the Small Estate Act and you will have to go to the courthouse and get a letter of qualification" 

So, the idiots at #WellsFargo want the client to spend hundreds of dollars and a lot of time and hassle for a measly $2000. I ask everyone to remember that when choosing a bank. It is crap such as this that have caused me to either remove or advise clients to remove (in aggregate) a couple of million dollars of deposits from that bank and go to one with more sense. And a lawyer friend in Richmond claims to have done the same with over $20 Million in deposits at #WellsFargo.

I first posted this on Facebook - in 30 minutes there are already 5 shares.  Tells you what people think about #WellsFargo.  Roanoke USED to have Bank of America (probably the only national bank harder to deal with than #WellsFargo) here , but somehow we ran them away and they sold out.

Friday, May 22, 2015

ID Overkill . . .

Last night my wife and I went to the local Applebees(tm) for dinner. As is my custom I ordered a beer with dinner. Imagine my surprise when the waitress - young enough to be my grand-daughter - asked for my ID.

She immediately shattered any illusion she was trying to flatter my grey, fat, 64-year old physique, but explained that in Tennessee another Applebees lost their license because they provided a beverage to someone who was of sufficient age but their ID HAD EXPIRED.

The patent stupidity and lack of logic is ridiculous.  Not Applebees for protecting itself (I hope Virginia's ABC Board, untrained as a lot of its agents may be - especially in Charlottesville - would go that far). But Tennessee for requiring a "Valid" ID for proof of age.  As an identification, even an expired drivers license should identify the holder.  As a license to drive (or do whatever) the expiration should only mean that the person can no longer do that function legally. 

Do we cease to exist when our ID expires? Should the Right To Life faction of our society be told of this problem and take action? 

So as I was fuming (Rossiferous scale of 1) my wife pointed out that there is a notary she deals with who will refuse to notarize a document if the person signing has an 'expired' ID.

And DMV, which is one of the most hated agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia (and probably a lot of other states) will not accept an expired driver's license as identification of the individual when they show up two days after it expired to get it renewed. That means the individual has to get their birth certificate or passport or some other 'acceptable' documents to start the licensing process all over again. 

This is not an earth-shattering problem but still a major inconvenience to us.  We need to get our legislators to define 'Valid' ID as one issued by a recognized agency which identifies the holder by whatever criteria required; whether or not expired for the purpose of licensing the holder to perform some function (e.g. driving), is nevertheless valid for purposes of identifying the individual or their age.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Fax Blast

I will freely admit that at times I am slow completing assignments and I try to consider that trait when working with others.  There are times, however, when all involved must move quickly to protect or promote rights of clients and delay hurts.  About once a year I get someone who has a reputation of not responding and -- true to form -- they don't do what they say they will anywhere near timely.
Enter the Fax Blast.  I learned about it the hard way (see first sentence above)
It consists of:
  • FAXBLAST cover sheet (simply a cover sheet with a line stating "REMINDER NUMBER and a series of numbers 1 thru 25 or so, spaced so they can be circled easily)
  • Confirmation sheets (note plural) printed by my fax machine.
  • Whatever memo/document the recipient should act upon.
First day, I send the fax, circling "1".   If I don't get a response, on the second day I send the fax again, this time circling "2" and INCLUDE the confirmation sheet from the first day. If no response then each day the memo is sent again, circling the appropriate number, and including ALL previous confirmation sheets.

After a few days I'm using more and more of the recipient's fax paper and ink/toner.

After a week it goes to twice a day.

After two weeks, HOURLY. I've only had to threaten this level once.

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

lowlife SCAM ALERT

I just got a call from a client -- a wonderful, elderly retired nurse, "Ross I'm in Trouble".  Seems she got a call 'from the sheriff' that she had missed reporting for jury duty and there was a warrant for her arrest. They told her the fine was $950, and she needed to go to Kroger and get a money-order to pay it.


I called the sheriff to advise it was happening and he told me that one of his deputies was handling REAL jury notices and one of those summonsed had PAID the fine two weeks earlier. (and they had a lawyer living in the household!)

If you get this call, simply hang up and then call the police or the REAL sheriff.  The only person who can impose a fine is a judge; they only do this when you show up in front of the judge and if you don't have an excuse then they may fine you.

Warn your friends and elderly relatives.  And if you get this kind of call tell them I said it was BS and call me about it. The low-life SOB will get a blast of Rossiferous.