Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wells Fargo Complaint

I just filed a formal complaint against Wells Fargo Bank National Association with the Comptroller of the Currency.  They’re the folks who regulate (so to speak) the big banks – you can find them at  I’m administrator of an estate;  the decedent had accounts at multiple banks.  In EVERY case  I went into the bank with:
  • Certified Copy of the death certificate
  • Certified Copy of the Court papers appointing me as administrator
  • My original passport to prove I’m me.
  • Photocopies of the above for the Bank to keep.
and in EVERY case the funds were released without any hassle.  Except one.

Only Irving at Wells Fargo was the pain.  I first went in mid-December; he said he had to ‘run it by’ someone or other so – after showing him the originals – I left him with the copies and my card, with instructions to ‘call me when the check’s ready’.

I went back today;  Irving was there and said he needed something or other and that what I left him wasn’t the original.  His intelligence is immediately suspect.  I asked why he didn’t call requesting the information. No answer.

Anyhow, the branch manager gets into the act; she gets the check to close the account for me while Irving calls to ‘reactivate’ the account. The flunky on the other end wanted the estate tax ID number. They don’t need it – the account was in the decedent’s social security number and that’s as it should be.

They refused to deliver the check, payable to ‘estate of . . . ‘ so I filed a complaint. And poor Irving, dufus that he is, has his name on it.

Any wonder why I’ve withdrawn nearly One-Half Million Dollars from that bank in the past 6 months?