Sunday, November 4, 2012

Attaboy for Verizon

We fuss and moan about the lack of service from big corporations.  Y’all certainly have seen me fuss and complain about banks. (No, they’re not any better).  I’ve always felt that if you complain when things go wrong, when something is done ‘beyond’ what you expect, you should give credit.

I know a lot of people have problems with Verizon.  I haven’t exactly had smooth sailing. But today I had a Verizon experience that was great.

I went into the office today – Sunday – to do some work.  My internet connection was down – DSL through my Fax line.  I checked further and found that there wasn’t a dial tone on the line either. I did a little trouble shooting on this end to make sure nothing in the building caused the problem. After eliminating that, I called and got the computer. 

Verizon’s computer response system has a lot of limitations, but in the instance of ‘no dial tone’ it walked me through the steps (which I had already done, so I responded accordingly) and then scheduled an appointment for Monday “between 8 AM and 7 PM”.  I can live with next day.

But I didn’t have to wait!

About 45 minutes later someone banged on my back door. I looked and saw a Verizon truck in my parking lot.  It was the repair guy (who had been here before) who saw the repair order and my car in the parking lot.

He checked the line inside; went out and checked the pole and found that my line was cut – accidentally – by someone else who went up the pole to fix someone else’s problem.  He repaired the cut and did a few other things to enhance the DSL signal to the office.

The fax and DSL line now works – even better than before. And on a Sunday.

Thank you, Verizon.