Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Help the Post Ofice

Just received more junk mail.  Actually I get a LOT of junk mail given my estate/guardianship work and the fact that I have a lot of decedents'/wards' mail forwarded to my office. Usually we just toss it.

However one caught my eye, even more so given that they had a 'postage paid business reply thing' enclosed. 

As I understand it, the post office charges more for Business Reply mail than usual because of their extra handling.

And the Post Office has serious financial problems, due in part to the stupid Congress. (Aren't "Stupid" and "Congress" are redundant terms?) and due in part to a lot more email instead of snail mail. 

So to help the Post Office we need to send more snail mail.

And business reply envelopes are snail mail.

So I helped the Post Office revenues.  And even put a note on the envelope thanking the sender for helping the Post Office in it's fiscal difficulties.

If we all did this . . . .